People Magazine Investigates

Season 2 Episode 1: Golden State Killer

Role: Debbie

 In the 1970s a serial rapist is on the loose in northern California. And just as his reign of terror over the community wanes, police discover he isn't just a serial rapist, he's a serial murderer and he's been killing people all over California.

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Season 3 Episode 7: Gone Girls

Role: Annette Carver

When three women from three different decades meet their death or go missing under mysterious circumstances, authorities are forced to examine the one thing they had in common: they all fell in love with the same man.

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Saturday Night Taped 

Role: Desire

 "Three sorority girls tragically misunderstand the ass-dialing of a slacker dude" A sketch comedy by Saturday Night Taped Productions. SNT does funny satirical comedic videos on contemporary culture, politics and life-style. Short skits filled with laughter and fun. We're like Saturday Night Live, except we use humor (just kidding SNL, we love you). Saturday Night Taped presents the best comedy, improv artists and stand-up comedians in Hollywood. Created and produced by Zia Mojabi.

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