A Good Girl

Staring Fidelia Grace and Deanna Noe


Dreams I Never Had

  Starring Malcolm McDowell & Robin Givens 

Role: Layla 

A teenage girl is held captive in the home of a wealthy family. She is befriended by the family's young gardener, himself an illegal from Mexico. Their friendship carries both of them through their hopeless, sequestered lives and ultimately inspires them to break free. 


Role: Elsa 

In a desire to learn who her future husband will be, Elsa seeks out the advice of Agatha, an old woman rumored to possess ancient wisdom. Agatha relates the ritual with the mirrors. It sounds harmless, but it hides dark secrets. Unaware of the danger, Elsa attempts to perform the ritual, but who does she see? Her betrothed…or something else?

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