Growing up in a small town outside of Buffalo NY, there weren’t many opportunities for me to immerse myself in the entertainment industry. Instead of waiting for opportunities to come, October of 2014 (Halloween, to be exact!), I picked up my whole life and moved to the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. It was nerve-wracking at first, not knowing a single soul or having a job to go to everyday, but I took those nerves and used them to help create who I am.

Three years ago, I made the non-traditional decision to not attend college because I knew in my heart I wanted to explore my life and passions the way I needed to. I know that may seem “out there” or unusual to most people, but it was totally natural for me.

Now, I am making my own way through the crazy L.A. entertainment scene. On the outside it may look like its all GLITZ and GLAM, but in all honesty there have been many struggles along the way. Learning about this industry has been a wild ride and I continue to discover new things every second of every day. I strive to inspire others – whether in the industry or not – to have courage to stand up for their own beliefs, desires, and aspirations. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says...BElieve in YOUrself.

Come along on this wild ride with me while I embark on new adventures and life lessons. I can’t wait to hear about your passions in life while we go through this journey together!


Fidelia Grace